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Plumb is an excellent candidate — as many viewed at the Chautauqua Lake school debate — at the wrong time in our national history. At the wrong time? Evidently because they fear that Hillary Clinton will be elected President. In … Continue reading

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This article was written by  Russell Tocqueville, a friend of the New NY23rd, and a long time Southern Tier resident. Having grown up and spent most of my life in the Southern Tier among friends and family, I can first hand … Continue reading

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This is crunch time for the campaigns. Here is information about debates and scheduled radio interviews with various NY23rd candidates. I have also included some previously recorded interviews and even a Leslie Danks Burke radio ad and John Plumb commercials … Continue reading

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In Washington, I am known as the “Solar Republican” because I am pushing clean energy policies forward through tax policies that allow alternative and renewable energies to blossom. My all-of-the-above approach will lower energy costs, increase development investments, create jobs, … Continue reading

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I will put service to our people first.–John Plumb We need to focus on policies that put our families first.–Tom Reed John Plumb Tom Reed The biggest issue we face here in the Southern Tier is jobs. The most important … Continue reading

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Location: WROC-TV (Channel 8) studio, Rochester, NY Participants: NY 23rd Congressional Candidate John Plumb, Rep. Tom Reed, and WROC-TV reporter Allison Warren Event: Plumb and Reed met with Warren separately to discuss National Security. Follow this link to see the 2:21 minute segment and/or … Continue reading

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  “I can’t believe what I’m reading. Today, Donald Trump publicly invited Russia to hack our government’s emails in order to attack Hillary Clinton. I’ve spent my career defending our country from attacks. I never imagined we would see a … Continue reading

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One issue that all of us will probably agree about is that television political advertisements are important to get a candidate elected. Television ads are quite expensive. The cost is determined partly on the size of the market, and partly … Continue reading

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Rep. Tom Reed has commented about the Orlando Tragedy through a Press Release and his Campaign Facebook page. His June 12th (after the Orlando Massacre ) Campaign Facebook comment was:  Our world has been shaken by terrorism repeatedly, but Obama still … Continue reading

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  The following is a Press Release from the John Plumb for Congress campaign team. Jamestown, NY — Congressman Tom Reed is continuing his record of undermining the safety of New Yorkers. Last year he voted to shut down the … Continue reading

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