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Are Assault Weapon Bans Constitutional?

Last fall I was leading a discussion at our local library about the proposed NYS Constitutional Convention. After we have been talking for a while, I made a statement that if there is a Constitutional Convention, whatever they change in … Continue reading

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NY23rd’s Jobs and Unemployment Data

  “We must fight for good-paying, high-quality jobs across our region. The manufacturing sector provides these kinds of jobs. A strong manufacturing base is critical to economic growth. This is why I am proud to be a Co-Chair of the … Continue reading

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Another County Endorsement on Saturday

    According to the Olean Times Herald, Cattaraugus County Democrats will meet on Saturday (January 27) and has invited four of the seven Democratic Candidates:   Max Della Pia of Tioga County Ian Golden of Tompkins County Tracy Mitrano … Continue reading

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How Much Would You Pay To Defeat Rep. Reed?

There are inherited problems with Primary Elections. One is that people don’t want to donate to a candidate who might not be the party’s nominee. We won’t know who will be the NY23rd’s Democratic Congressional Candidate until after the June … Continue reading

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Warrantless surveillance

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) writes: On Thursday, the U.S. House of Representatives will take two extremely important votes related to something called #FISA702, which is a section of foreign intelligence surveillance law. One vote will be on passage of a bill, #S139, … Continue reading

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One less candidate running against Reed

Karl Warrington, Minister and Social Worker from Phelps, has decided to end his campaign to be the Democratic Candidate to run against Rep. Tom Reed. In an email that he sent to the Democratic County Chairs, he cites his full-time job, … Continue reading

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What’s to Love About Winter?

For the  time just before Christmas through New Years I tried not to focus on politics as much as usual. Since the President was playing golf at the Southern White House, and the Cable News Channels were airing reviews of … Continue reading

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