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The enemy identified

We have met the enemy and he is us–Pogo (Walt Kelly) What I’m looking at is the perpetrator.–Rep. Tom Reed Wayne LaPierre, Claudia Tenney, Tom Reed, and other NRA apologists sing the same song. Guns aren’t the problem; more guns and … Continue reading

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Our Greatest Threat is our National Debt.–Rep. Tom Reed This fake proposal  (Trump’s) will not address the serious infrastructure needs facing this country, so our potholed roads will get worse, our bridges and transit systems will become more dangerous, and … Continue reading

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Three more bad bills

Rep. Michael Capuano (D-MA) writes about three bad bills considered and passed by the House this week: Note: the three boldface bill titles are tounge-in-cheek. The End to Common Sense Nutrition Disclosure Act On Tuesday the House considered H.R. 772, the … Continue reading

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Is there a “golden mean” between extremes in politics?

  One might … conjecture that there is a limiting situation of some sort, a “boundary” with all convergent series on one side, all divergent series on the other side–at least as far as series with monotonic coefficients are concerned. … Continue reading

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Do we read only headlines?

It doesn’t make headlines, but the most important job we have is helping our constituents and small businesses…Rep. Tom Reed   Do we read beyond the headlines? President Trump may not. Tom Reed may not and suppose we don’t either. Tom … Continue reading

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The State of the District: NY-23

Tom Reed won’t give a State of the District message. Here is what he might say if he did: We recently hosted a town hall in Chemung with Nucor employees on the positive impact of tax reform. Already we are … Continue reading

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Funding the Government – Act IV

Rep. Capuano (D-MA) wrote on January 26, 2018: On Monday the House and Senate passed a fourth short-term spending bill to reopen the federal government, this time through Thursday February 8th. While round 4 of the budget battle is over – round … Continue reading

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