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Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes, Mark Zuckerberg’s one-time Harvard roommate, facebook co-founder, and multi-millionaire, suggests addressing income inequality with a $6,000 annual subsidy for workers making less than $50,000 annually. He would pay for this with income taxes on the wealthy. It is … Continue reading

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Tom Reed on the economy

Things are looking rosy this spring,  Tom Reed says:     “You’re hearing about the growth opportunities here. They’ve gone up 20 percent from Quarter 3 to Quarter 1. Twenty percent growth is a huge amount of growth.” “A lot … Continue reading

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Does the IRS have a problem, really?

U.S. Rep. Tom Reed, R-Corning, said in his weekly press call Tuesday that he and his fellow Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee will put forward legislation to address long call hold times with the IRS as volume … Continue reading

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Would you?

Trade wars are good.–President Trump Fixing the tax system must be a top priority because it threatens everything we care about — including jobs, healthcare, education, public investment, the environment, and retirement security.–Charles Whalen, economist and former congressional candidate. The … Continue reading

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Is there a “golden mean” between extremes in politics?

  One might … conjecture that there is a limiting situation of some sort, a “boundary” with all convergent series on one side, all divergent series on the other side–at least as far as series with monotonic coefficients are concerned. … Continue reading

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Do we read only headlines?

It doesn’t make headlines, but the most important job we have is helping our constituents and small businesses…Rep. Tom Reed   Do we read beyond the headlines? President Trump may not. Tom Reed may not and suppose we don’t either. Tom … Continue reading

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Republicans summarize their tax bill

This is what Republicans claim for their tax bill: Lowers tax rate for all Americans. Doubles the child tax credit. Delivers greater simplicity and fairness. Helps grow paychecks. Protects American workers and stops jobs moving overseas. Keeps tax benefits Americans … Continue reading

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