Editorial opinion of the “Post-Journal”

plumbsmPlumb is an excellent candidate — as many viewed at the Chautauqua Lake school debate — at the wrong time in our national history.

At the wrong time? Evidently because they fear that Hillary Clinton will be elected President.

In the context of national politics, Reed has one important point in his favor. Should Hillary Clinton win the presidency, we are assured more Obamacare, higher taxes, a White House not to be believed on anything, a foreign policy tilted toward our enemies, a liberal Supreme Court working hand in hand with her and more national debt. Should Clinton win the presidency, it is imperative she be restrained by a strongly Republican Congress.

  • more Obamacare?
  • higher taxes?
  • a White House not to be believed on anything?
  • a foreign policy tilted toward our enemies?
  • a liberal Supreme Court working hand in hand with her?
  • more national debt?

A White House not to be believed on anything, a foreign policy tilted toward our enemies? Did they read what they wrote? Do people really believe this?

Reed has shown himself to be a staunch fiscal conservative with a keen eye on how federal spending effects the national debt during his time in Congress. Such a voice will be important in Congress should Clinton be our next president. For that reason, Reed is our choice.

Reed understands how federal spending affects the national debt? Well duh, good for him.


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3 Responses to Editorial opinion of the “Post-Journal”

  1. pystew says:

    It sounds like the Post-Journal wants to keep the congressional grid-lock. At this point it is not guaranteed that the Senate will go Democratic and only the very optimistic political pundits think the House will flip blue. Having Plumb in the GOP controlled House would help break the stalemate situations we have had to live with for 6 years.

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  2. whungerford says:

    Perhaps the editors do believe that current foreign policy is tilted toward our enemies. If that were true, gridlock might seem preferable. But to express such an outrageous opinion without any justification is astonishingly irresponsible. What foreign policy is tilted toward our enemies? Which enemies are supposedly favored?


  3. Barbara Griffin says:

    One word…ugh.


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