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Why do we like Tom Reed?

We’ll continue working on solutions that generate jobs, support local businesses, and grow our economy. –Tom Reed Why do we like Tom Reed? First of all, he is a Republican in a Red district; that’s all most voters need to … Continue reading

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I attended a lecture by a criminologist on crime statistics. He explained that most persons convicted of auto theft are young. He asked if this meant that most auto thieves were young people. His answer was emphatically no. Most auto … Continue reading

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Three false beliefs

I believe these beliefs are false: Tom Reed will be easily defeated in 2018 NY-23 is the result of gerrymandering. Tom Reed faithfully represents those who voted for him. Here are my reasons: It is very difficult and unusual to … Continue reading

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Election Results

                I thought to check if NY-23 election results corresponded to voter registration. Considering only Republicans and Democrats, I made this table. Candidate Votes (thousands) Party Registration (thousands) Democratic 106 130 Republican 137 … Continue reading

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Editorial opinion of the “Post-Journal”

Plumb is an excellent candidate — as many viewed at the Chautauqua Lake school debate — at the wrong time in our national history. At the wrong time? Evidently because they fear that Hillary Clinton will be elected President. In … Continue reading

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Martha Robertson’s platform

I have a bright vision of our region. We live here because we love it. My husband Steve and I chose to live and raise our kids here. I’ve been here for thirty years, and I wouldn’t live anywhere else. I … Continue reading

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Campaign Finance, Lessig, MAYDAY PAC

The interesting corruption is the people who live within a system where influence is peddled and reckoned and bragged about as a function of the norms of culture that have evolved.–Lawrence Lessig Writing in the October 13th issue of The New … Continue reading

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Post-partisan Politics

Supporting the political party of your choice may still be good for individuals, but heavy hitters are long past that. They move to ensure support for their program from the incumbent whoever that may be. They raise and contribute funds … Continue reading

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Reed Reelection Campaign

It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.–Mark Twain     How does Tom Reed sell himself to NY-23? Here’s how: Many, many pictures of himself. Say’s Martha is an “extreme Ithaca liberal” Say’s … Continue reading

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Extreme Ithaca Liberal


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