How should Hillary answer him?

If Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton for enabling Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, how should she answer him?

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Tom Reed seeks to keep us safe by promoting prejudice


 Reed calls for Justice for Victims of Terrorism


In the wake of weekend terrorist bombings in New York and New Jersey, Tom Reed renewed his calls for an end to political correctness when combating terrorism on U.S. soil. “We care about keeping Americans safe and will not bow to politically correct culture.

Reed says we shouldn’t hesitate to blame entire groups of Americans for the acts of a few; really, Tom? Do you intend to promote predudice?

Reed then criticized the responses of New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio, President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for failing to immediately recognize the attacks as bombings and the ties to terrorism. 

Evidently we should jump to conclusions, really Tom? Do you remember Timothy McVeigh?

“Our leaders and our national security agencies must put the victims of terror at the front and center of their thinking. It’s a fundamental question of fairness. Why are victims of terrorist attacks given less rights and legal protections than the terrorists themselves?

When were terrorists given more rights than those killed or injured? Please tell us, Tom.

Homeland security should never be a partisan or political issue,” Reed concluded. 

Oh, but it is, and Tom Reed never misses a chance to seek political advantage.

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Reed and Plumb on jobs


In Washington, I am known as the “Solar Republican” because I am pushing clean energy policies forward through tax policies that allow alternative and renewable energies to blossom. My all-of-the-above approach will lower energy costs, increase development investments, create jobs, and I will make our nation safer by reducing our dependence on foreign oil.–Tom Reed


Our region needs a new representative in Congress — one who is dedicated to putting our people first, fighting for rural communities instead of the special interests.–John Plumb


Candidate John Plumb Tom Reed
Fight against bad trade deals, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership, so we can stop our jobs being shipped overseas. fix our broken tax code
Champion renewable energy so our rural economies are a part of this growing economic wave, and upgrade our crumbling roads and bridges. push an “all of the above” energy policy
Create the conditions for entrepreneurs to succeed: Eliminate damaging, unnecessary red tape and provide resources so they have a better environment to make their plans a reality. stop unnecessary government regulation
Help students finance and refinance their student loans at competitive rates, or pay them back as a percentage of their income so they can afford to stay and work in our district and take risks while they’re young.
 Connect rural communities to the free flow of online commerce, customers and clients with true high-speed internet and improved rural cellphone coverage. invest in and repair our infrastructure
Get spending under control, so we can strengthen our economy today and in the future without continuing to pass the buck on to future generations.

For the rest of the story, see the following articles:

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Reed still backs Trump

This article was submitted for publication by the author, Cath Kestler, resident of Silver Creek.

Trump is a disruptive force2

The Trump train is roaring down the tracks and one of the first Republicans to join the conductor and get his ticket punched is—you guessed it, NY 23rd District Representative Tom Reed.

The overly animated, loud-mouthed, xenophobic, often misogynistic bigot shouts from the podium to over-the-top supporters and his views have taken top bill as the circus train rolls into town.  His campaign is a side show really, devoid of facts as Politifacts has declared that 91% of his rhetoric is truly FALSE information that he is feeding you.

Not only is Reed riding the Trump train, he is the New York co-chairperson of his campaign along with North Tonawanda’s own, Rep. Chris Collins, another Republican from Western New York.  Rep. Collins was another big business owner that left WNY in the dust when he closed up shop and ran for office because he wanted his big piece of the pie.

Neither of these representatives are worthy of their office because they don’t represent their constituents or our interests—they both censor their constituency on Facebook and tell us what we want to hear at Town Hall meetings and vote the opposite once they get back to DC.

It seems with Trump’s list of transgressions and outright corruption, it’s hard to believe that most Republicans will endorse him, but never fear, Reed and Collins are here!

Since the mainstream media is all about making Trump look good and they refuse to ask or report about his double-dealings and fraud, I’d like to list some for you:

First off, let’s talk about his illegal contribution to Florida’s Attorney General Pam Bondi, after she received multiple complaints from FL students that were cheated by Trump University.  She received a $25,000 donation from Trump and the inquiry was dropped.  This is being looked into further because Ivanka Trump donated $100,000 and then Rudy Guiliani and Trump hosted a fundraiser for her campaign, stay tuned on this one.

Trump and his campaign staff solicitation of campaign funds from foreign officials in clear violation of campaign finance laws.

Trump’s flat out refusal to pay for services rendered from contractors; many of them are small business owners.

Trump Model Management, which reportedly had foreign models lie to US Custom officials so they could work in the US illegally.  He kept them in squalor conditions while they earned almost nothing for the work they did.

Trump has a penchant of hiring foreign guest workers at his resorts, claiming that he couldn’t find Americans to do the work.  At his resorts it is reported that he pays his workers $2.60/hour and provides room and board—barracks style living with a cook-plate and toilet, outside shower facilities. If the workers complained he threatened them with deportation.

Trump has a history of being charged with housing discrimination in NYC.

The Trump Network was a pyramid scheme in violation of federal securities regulations.  It involved customers mailing in a urine sample which would be analyzed to produce for them a specially formulated package of multivitamins.

Trump’s casino bankruptcies, which left investors holding the bag while he skedaddled with their money.

The Trump Institute, another get-rich-quick scheme in which Trump allowed a couple of grifters to use his name to bilk people out of their money.

Trump’s use of hundreds of undocumented workers from Poland in the 1980’s who were paid a pittance for their illegal work at Trump Towers.

Trump has connections to mafia figures involved in NY construction.

He had to pay the FTC $750,000 over charges that he violated anti-trust laws when trying to take over a rival casino company.

Not to mention, Trump not paying his campaign staff (that aren’t related to him), which is why he has had so many changes to his upper management.  He hired advisors and didn’t pay them, when they inquired about their paycheck after working a month or so without pay, they were told they were listed as “volunteers” and weren’t going to get paid.

Trump refuses to produce his tax returns; he stated if he did it would end his campaign.  This should raise a red flag to any supporter….

This is just a little sample of the long list and Reps. Reed and Collins still back him.  One has to wonder if one day they want to emulate him or they were promised something big in exchange for their endorsement.

Tom Reed stated, ‘Donald Trump is disruptive and I like that.’  Exactly how disruptive remains to be seen.  The writing is on the wall:  #ByeByeTomTom

I know the secret you are trying so hard to hide.


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Tom Reed pleasantly surprised

tom-reedThe story, Reed added, “is really not newsworthy. I have nothing to do with that business enterprise.” That business enterprise is RR Resource Recovery, Tom’s family business.

Tom Reed was pleasantly surprised recently when he learned from news reports that his reelection campaign had rented offices from his family business. Of course he had nothing to do with that decision, if he had it would have been wrong. Still it was pleasing to know that his business partners hadn’t overlooked an opportunity to exploit unneeded campaign money.

How to pocket campaign funds


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Reed tries to justify anti-Veteran Votes

The New NY 23rd has shown examples where Rep. Tom Reed actions in our district does not match his voting record in Washington.

  • Most recently (August 28) it was pointed out in “A look at Rep. Reed’s Proposed Bills” which summarized his votes that cuts funding for services that are important to NY23rd-ers, and lists his proposed, but never enacted, bills that are suppose to benefit his constituents.
  • We spotlighted his non-funding of Homeland Security vote in early August.
  • Another August article about Reed voting against AMTRAK  funding and trying to take credit for a NY 23rd Train Manufacture getting federal funding that would hire 400 workers.
  • In January we posted “Rep. Reed’s Changing Stance on Refugees“in which it was explained that he told a Phelps Town Hall audience that ““I’m not going to say to one population we’re going to close all the  borders to you.” and then five days later hi voted to do just that.

The list could go on.

On Friday, September 16 the Canandaigua Daily  Messenger had an article about John Plumb accusing Reed of “repeatedly voted to underfund programs designed to improve veterans’ treatment and health care.” Plumb sites examples to back up his claims:

  • an April 2015 vote for a VA appropriations bill that would underfund the VA and impact veterans’ health care, medical research, education, and cemeteries by more than $1 billion
  • also in  April 2015 Reed voted against a motion that would have added $15 million to VA funding for veterans’ medical services. The motion failed 181 to 236, with Reed among those voting no
  • a June 20, 2014 measure, Plumb accused Reed of voting against a motion to increase funds for military healthcare by $10 million, $5 million to decrease the veterans’ claims backlog, and another $5 million for treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

veterans-dayWhat surprised me was that Reed’s campaign did not refute the specific accusations, but tried to justify them by saying that Reed had “daily contact with Veterans” and points to his VA Clinics and the work that his Constituent Services provides to Veterans.

When Reed is actually in the district (which increases right around election time) he often reminds us that “He Cares” about us. When Reed is inside the DC Beltway his votes shows that he cares about the GOP Leaders, and follows their voting orders.  John Plumb points that out, and  Reed’s campaign confirms it. It seems to be part of Reed’s regular method of operations.

The Voters should remember that on November 8.

Follow this link for an earlier article about Rep. Reed’s earlier Veteran Votes


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Fair Pay in NYS



Per AAUW data, NY-23 is near the bottom of the list of NYS Congressional districts in order of fair pay. Tom Reed clearly has work to do if this is to be improved. Reed often talks about “fair,” but seldom if ever about “fair pay.” Tom often says he “cares,” but does he care about pay equity? Notice the low wages and huge gap in NY-23.


Member of Congress* District Men Women Earnings Ratio** Ranking in State ***

  1. Crowley (D) NY-14 $40,062 $40,941 102.2% 1
  2. Velázquez (D) NY-7 $44,918 $45,241 100.7% 2
  3. Serrano (D) NY-15 $31,988 $31,397 98.2% 3
  4. Meeks (D) NY-5 $43,065 $41,858 97.2% 4
  5. Rangel (D) NY-13 $41,377 $40,119 97.0% 5
  6. Meng (D) NY-6 $49,524 $47,303 95.5% 6
  7. Engel (D) NY-16 $55,715 $51,299 92.1% 7
  8. Jeffries (D) NY-8 $47,090 $42,249 89.7% 8
  9. Nadler (D) NY-10 $81,834 $71,489 87.4% 9
  10. Clarke (D) NY-9 $49,691 $42,487 85.5% 10
  11. Donovan (R) NY-11 $60,040 $50,941 84.8% 11
  12. Higgins (D) NY-26 $47,703 $40,176 84.2% 12
  13. Tonko (D) NY-20 $55,631 $46,432 83.5% 13
  14. King (R) NY-2 $57,743 $48,112 83.3% 14
  15. Slaughter (D) NY-25 $51,105 $41,496 81.2% 15
  16. Collins (R) NY-27 $51,497 $41,805 81.2% 15
  17. Gibson (R) NY-19 $51,084 $41,392 81.0% 17
  18. Maloney, S. (D) NY-18 $61,104 $49,324 80.7% 18
  19. Katko (D) NY-24 $51,595 $41,661 80.7% 18
  20. Lowey (D) NY-17 $69,012 $55,647 80.6% 20
  21. Hanna (R) NY-22 $45,906 $36,982 80.6% 20
  22. Rice (D) NY-4 $67,072 $53,951 80.4% 22
  23. Stefanik (R) NY-21 $45,343 $36,383 80.2% 23
  24. Reed (R) NY-23 $47,177 $37,340 79.1% 24
  25. Maloney, C. (D) NY-12 $91,990 $72,047 78.3% 25
  26. Zeldin (R) NY-1 $67,275 $50,933 75.7% 26
  27. Israel (D) NY-3 $80,873 $61,160 75.6% 27

The AAUW asks: Pass the Paycheck Fairness Act (S. 862/H. 1619). This much-needed update would close loopholes in the Equal Pay Act of 1963 by creating incentives for employers to follow the law, empowering women to negotiate for equal pay, and strengthening federal outreach and enforcement efforts. New York: Tell your member of Congress you want fair pay!

*The above congressional districts represent the 114th Congress. **The pay gap figures are from 2015, the most recently available data.


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