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Tax Reform Issues

The time is now to make real reforms to our broken and dated tax code. I am committed to working in a bipartisan fashion in the House, with the White House, and partners in the Senate to find a consensus … Continue reading

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A campaign dilemma

I am calling on Gov. Cuomo to stop politicizing tragedies like the massacre in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas tragedy was a horrible event that has shaken the lives of so many of our fellow Americans and events like this … Continue reading

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What will Tom Reed say?

It was great to see my good friend, Congressman Steve Scalise,  return to the House today. His recovery from the tragic shooting in June is remarkable. We in Congress, now more than ever, need to come together and focus on what … Continue reading

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How Democrats help keep Tom Reed in office

There are certain things that strict fathers cannot be: A Loser, Corrupt, and especially not a Betrayer of Trust.–George Lakoff   Democrats often help Tom Reed win election. Reed’s success depends on his claim to “be one of us.” This … Continue reading

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Unfortunate facts

Tom listened to the thoughts and concerns of hundreds of local residents at his town hall meetings on February 18.–Tom Reed Today is a great victory for the American people. We are finally on the path to fixing our broke … Continue reading

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Politics is hard

Trump on Being President: “I Thought It Would Be Easier”–New York Times “The man’s tongue is fit to frighten the French.”-―Robert Louis Stevenson   Politics is hard and hard to understand; here are some things to consider: Election to office … Continue reading

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What I’m willing to discuss is the way we change Medicaid to get costs under control.–Tom Reed I care about creating a more fair tax code that encourages job creation and builds a business climate that helps our communities thrive.–Tom … Continue reading

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