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Just tell the truth.–Chris Cuomo Truth will out.–Shakespeare President Trump, referring to truth, reportedly said: “It doesn’t matter, we won.” Trump explored this fact with his birther campaign. Repeated claims that Barack Obama wasn’t born a citizen took their toll. … Continue reading

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This letter was written by Lee Marcus from Arkport. You can read more of Lee’s writing at “Lee Marcus, writer and activist” Facebook page. Dear Hillary, For just over six months our country has suffered the humiliation of Donald Trump … Continue reading

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Carolyn Thompson, in an article written for the Associated Press, advises on how to spot fake news. Here are her suggestions: Consider where it was first published? Is there a source? Is the source reliable? Has it been “fact checked?” … Continue reading

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If Donald Trump attacks Hillary Clinton for enabling Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, how should she answer him?

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Trump claims 88 endorsements, Clinton 95 and counting.. Candidate Endorsements Reference Donald Trump 88 CNN 9/06/2016 Hillary Clinton 95 The Hill 9/07/16 Mitt Romney 500 The Atlantic 9/06/12 John McCain 300 CNN 9/06/2016 Barack Obama  ? Several important ones per … Continue reading

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Word Salad–a confused or unintelligible mixture of seemingly random words and phrases, specifically (in psychiatry) as a form of speech indicative of advanced schizophrenia. Tom Reed is noted for word salads–incoherent jumbles of words and phrases. Newt Gingrich’s pronouncements are … Continue reading

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Until 1980, during any Presidential election for which reliable data exist and in which there had been a gender gap, the gap had run one way: more women than men voted for the Republican candidate. That changed when Reagan became … Continue reading

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Dear Secretary Clinton, I am a long-time admirer and proud to say so. Without giving away too much personal information, let’s just say that I know a lot about bullying, and I know you know what that means. Only an … Continue reading

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Democrats are lucky to have a choice of two excellent candidates. Here are some reasons that many might prefer Hillary to Bernie. She has administrative experience as Secy. of State. She has been thoroughly vetted–it is unlikely that anything new … Continue reading

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Second of two in a series about the NYS Federal Primaries for President, to be held on Tuesday, April 19 (Noon to 9 PM). The article about the Republican Primary was posted on March 28. The Process: New York Democrats … Continue reading

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