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Yates Conservative “Disappointed that Reed Endorsed Trump”

  A letter in the April 6 (Dundee) Observer started with: “It was so disappointing to read Congressman Tom Reed has endorsed a megalomanic (one who has infantile feelings of personal omnipotence) like Donald Trump for the high office of … Continue reading

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NYS Presidential PRIMARY Sample Ballots

The New York State Primary will be held on Tuesday, April 19, from Noon to 9 PM. This is the time for both parties to get out as many voters as they can. It has been my experience that people … Continue reading

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NYS Democratic Primary–Process and Politics

Second of two in a series about the NYS Federal Primaries for President, to be held on Tuesday, April 19 (Noon to 9 PM). The article about the Republican Primary was posted on March 28. The Process: New York Democrats … Continue reading

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NYS GOP Primary–Procedures and Politics

On April 19 we will have the  opportunity to have our voices effect the Presidential races in the New York State Federal Primary.  In an October article, NYS Presidential Primary Info, the NewNY23rd predicted: “By the time our primaries are held, there … Continue reading

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Petitions–A way to get involved in the political process

Don’t be surprised if you will be asked to sign a petition for Martha Robertson (if you are a registered democrat) or Tom Reed (if you are a registered republican) between now and the end of March.  Their campaigns need … Continue reading

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