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I went to Mississippi once

I went to Mississippi once for a one day sales call. We flew from Chicago to a northern Mississippi city, drove from airport to factory, made our presentation, and retraced our route. I don’t know much about Mississippi, other than … Continue reading

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Women in Politics

Until 1980, during any Presidential election for which reliable data exist and in which there had been a gender gap, the gap had run one way: more women than men voted for the Republican candidate. That changed when Reagan became … Continue reading

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Looking back at a career

Jeffrey Toobin, writing in the Feb. 29th issue of “The New Yorker,” gives us a refreshing look at a much discussed subject–recommended. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2016/02/29/antonin-scalia-looking-backward  

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The world’s most powerful woman

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is said to be the most powerful woman in the world today. This may be an understatement–she may be the most powerful politician regardless of gender. Merkel has created a ruling party of the center in … Continue reading

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