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Make sure you can vote in the June 2018 Primary Elections

Although this article focuses on the possibility of NY-23rd having a Democratic Primary in 2018, the same concerns and laws would pertain to a  Republican Primary. With at least four NY-23rd democrats announcing they are a candidate to run for … Continue reading

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Three false beliefs

I believe these beliefs are false: Tom Reed will be easily defeated in 2018 NY-23 is the result of gerrymandering. Tom Reed faithfully represents those who voted for him. Here are my reasons: It is very difficult and unusual to … Continue reading

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The long campaign is starting

  “Democrats  need to get a candidate soon!! I for one am ready to work.  I just wish we had a front runner so we could start working …. it’s an uphill trek we are embarking on and we may … Continue reading

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Unfortunate facts

Tom listened to the thoughts and concerns of hundreds of local residents at his town hall meetings on February 18.–Tom Reed Today is a great victory for the American people. We are finally on the path to fixing our broke … Continue reading

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NY 23rd Democratic Candidate: Blue-Dog or Activist?

This article was written by  Michael Fitzgerald and published in his “WRITE ON” weekly Finger Lakes Times column. You can email him at and visit his website at Incumbent GOP Congressman Tom Reed’s last two re-elections were relative … Continue reading

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Harvesting Our Political Energy

The following was created by the PRO Allegany group and was presented  at a meeting of NY-23rd Resistance Groups Leaders, some Democratic County Chairs, and five potential 2018 Democratic Congressional Candidates in Hornell of Sunday, April 23.   It is … Continue reading

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NY 23rd Congressional Democratic Candidates?

I have heard questions and read rumors about who might be running against Rep. Tom Reed in the November 2018 election. Even though it is a bit more than 18 months away, we currently have FIVE potential democratic challengers to … Continue reading

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