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Why Democrats might prefer Hillary Clinton

Democrats are lucky to have a choice of two excellent candidates. Here are some reasons that many might prefer Hillary to Bernie. She has administrative experience as Secy. of State. She has been thoroughly vetted–it is unlikely that anything new … Continue reading

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NYS Democratic Primary–Process and Politics

Second of two in a series about the NYS Federal Primaries for President, to be held on Tuesday, April 19 (Noon to 9 PM). The article about the Republican Primary was posted on March 28. The Process: New York Democrats … Continue reading

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Ideology or Class: Are we getting a raw deal?

Ryan Lizza, writing in the Jan. 22nd issue of “The New Yorker,” tells us that voters no longer care much about ideology–who is the most conservative–but about class. Trump has stolen the show by appealing to a large class of … Continue reading

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Populists then and now

In the September 7 issue of The New Yorker,” George Packer discusses populism, specifically the campaigns of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Packer writes: Populism is a stance and a rhetoric more than an ideology or a set of positions. … Continue reading

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TPP and Fast Track

The following letter was written by Cath Kestler, a resident of NY-23, and is shared here with permission. The TPP and You The TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) is a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property … Continue reading

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Town Halls, Possible Questions, and Questionable Answers

Rep. Tom Reed will have three Town Hall Meetings this Saturday, March 15. His first meeting is in Lansing (Tompkins County) at the Lansing Town Hall, 29 Auburn Road at 9 AM. He will then travel to the Varick Town … Continue reading

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