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Anyone who makes alarmist claims about debt by talking about trillions of dollars as opposed to, say, percentages of gross domestic product, is engaged in scare tactics, not serious discussion.–Paul Krugman, “The future of taxes” “We have to get spending … Continue reading

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“The Problem Solvers Caucus is maybe the last hope for what we can do to break the gridlock here,” Reed stated. “As a voting bloc, we’ve now gone to Problem Solvers Caucus 2.0, where we weeded out the folks that … Continue reading

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Dr. David L. Dresser, former Supervisor of the Town of Ovid, had an Opt-Ed in Sunday’s Finger Lake Times that is worth sharing. He attended Rep. Reed’s March 11 Town Hall Meeting in Ovid, and was able to ask him … Continue reading

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Plumb is an excellent candidate — as many viewed at the Chautauqua Lake school debate — at the wrong time in our national history. At the wrong time? Evidently because they fear that Hillary Clinton will be elected President. In … Continue reading

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Reed: Mission not accomplished on federal spending Tom wrote: “The president is trying to claim victory when it comes to the national debt. “To somehow say that we’ve reduced deficits by $400 billion a year … and somehow be able … Continue reading

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The following article was written by Dolores Saltzman of Ithaca and was originally printed in the Ithaca Journal. We reprinted it with the permission of Ms. Saltzman National debt is different than credit card debt. Data show that about one-third of … Continue reading

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In his column in today’s Gannett papers, “‘Pessimism porn’ sure to provide ratings for media,” John Stossel discusses optimism and pessimism. Stossel says news media love bad news; bad news sells. Stossel admits hyping bad news himself. But now he has … Continue reading

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