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Has the GOP changed it’s mind?

At a town hall meeting in 2011, Tom Reed is shown discussing a chart which shows the national debt growing unabated until 2080 and beyond. Tom used this chart repeatedly to illustrate his contention that government spending should be cut … Continue reading

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Reed on federal spending

Reed: Mission not accomplished on federal spending Tom wrote: “The president is trying to claim victory when it comes to the national debt. “To somehow say that we’ve reduced deficits by $400 billion a year … and somehow be able … Continue reading

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Senator Mike Lee in Iowa

“It’s the economy, stupid”–attributed to James Carville In the the The Atlantic, Peter Beinhart writes: If you look closely at the current crop of Republican candidates, you can see the beginnings of a similar (to the 2000 campaign) fracturing of … Continue reading

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Tom Reed flip-flops on VA Funding

Tom Reed flip-flops to keep up with the GOP party line–Bill that would set $17 billion for VA reform wins praise from Tom Reed. June 2: According to Tom’s Press Release: With the VA’s budget being increased by 256 percent … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Actions Do Not Match His Rhetoric

During the lead up to the government shut-down our congressman, Rep. Tom Reed introduced a House Resolution, H. Res. 368, which “ensures there’s no special treatment for Congress under the president’s health care law.” The “Special Treatment” which Rep. Reed … Continue reading

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No Time to Take a Break

Early Wednesday afternoon, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives adjourned for a very long weekend.  No business will be conducted until Tuesday.  One would never know, based on this leisurely schedule, that the country is facing a fiscal crisis. Also on … Continue reading

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