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We do love to experiment

Wawawoowoo hasn’t been tested or proven effective, there are many dangerous side-effects, taking Wawawoowoo may cause death, so ask your doctor if Wawawoowoo is right for you.–advertising heard all too often on TV. Americans have little use for expertise or … Continue reading

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More Mickey Mouse legislation

Tom Reed writes: Tom Reed continued his effort to rein in big government regulations by supporting a new proposal which prevents the federal bureaucracy from enacting last minute regulations at the end of any Presidential administration. “We care about helping … Continue reading

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Do regulations kill jobs?

The costs of compliance with all these regulations lead(s) to higher consumer prices and reduced hiring.–Tom Reed Do regulations prevent employers from hiring workers? Trump says so, Ryan says so, and Tom Reed says so, but none of them present … Continue reading

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Living Without Regulations

We all probably know Snow Birds that leave the NY 23rd in the winter for warmer climates, mainly to Florida, Arizona, Texas or California. Two friends of mine have been going further south for their three month winter hiatus. This years they … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s Survey Questions Analyzed

I recently received the 2015 Official U.S. Government Survey from Rep. Reed’s office.  We were told that “your responses are necessary to help guide federal policy.” These issues are complex; many questions give simplified descriptions that do not inform the … Continue reading

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Tom Reed addresses the Rotary Club of Corning

It was a great talk about job creation and reforming tax law to something that makes sense.–seen on twitter. Tom is a member of the Corning Rotary Club; he probably faced a very friendly audience. Here is what the Rotary … Continue reading

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Another misleading claim by Tom Reed

<> Again and again Tom Reed makes claims that can’t be verified. That rescinding regulations creates jobs for Tom is a mater of faith rather than established fact. His efforts to justify his faith lack credibility. In the Ithaca Journal … Continue reading

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