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Social Security Activist to Run For Congress (NY24)

Syracuse University Professor Eric Kingson has announced that he is seeking to be the democratic party nomination for the 24th Congressional District. You  might not recognize Kingson’s name. Besides his day job of being a Professor of Social Work, he … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed aims “to modernize” Social Security

Rep. Tom Reed spoke about Social Security on the floor of the House of Representatives last Wednesday, September 9. You can view the five minute speech at the C-Span site. Although he focuses on how to “Help Disability Insurance Recipients Return … Continue reading

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Social Security Dialogue: A Model Our Politicians Ought to Follow

The following is the beginning of an article was originally published on the “Common Sense for Seniors” blog. It was written by Ray Copson who has written many articles for the New NY 23rd. The public library in Penn Yan, … Continue reading

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Mental Illness, Background Checks, and Social Security

President Obama, according to a July 18 Los Angeles Times article, is pushing to extend gun background checks to Social Security. The article describes the  National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) which was mandated by the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act … Continue reading

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Social Security—>You Earned It!

Social Security has been a MINOR topic of discussion during the past few political campaigns.  It is expected to be one of the MAIN topics during the 2016 elections. Social Security Disability Insurance is due to be unable to pay its full benefits to … Continue reading

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Portland townhall meeting Feb. 21, 2015

Last week I held five town hall meetings covering issues related to property rights and ISIS. I always look forward to hearing from the people of the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes. Know I am taking your thoughts and suggestions … Continue reading

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“What is considered a disability?” asked Rep. Reed.

“Get Politically Active”  is an occasional entry that contains a document on a current political issue.  It will be one page long and easy to copy. Feel free to email this to contacts who might be interested in this topic.  Someone may even … Continue reading

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