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Ways and Means Propaganda

Pro-growth tax reform will establish the U.S. as a 21st century magnet for new business investment and job creation. Tax reform will increase U.S. competitiveness and prevent American jobs from moving overseas. Pro-growth tax reform will provide a healthier economy … Continue reading

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Reforming the tax code

Rep. Capuano (D-MA) explains his view of proposed tax reform:   Reforming the Tax Code – in One Page On Wednesday we got a peek at what the Trump Administration’s so-called tax reform plan looks like. I’d like to be … Continue reading

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Taxes, Part 2

The goal is for tax reform is to be revenue-neutral–Tom Reed Economic growth will pay for a majority of President Trump’s tax reform plan, …..–Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin If tax reform is to be revenue-neutral, and business taxes are cut, … Continue reading

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Tax Reform Soon? GOP needs to repeal ACA first.

April 18, 2017  “Our tax reform and our tax plan is coming along very well. It will out very soon. We are working on Health Care. We are getting that done, too,” reported President Trump at the Snap-On Tools factory … Continue reading

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Tom Reed at Glenora

Thanks to Glenora Wine Cellars for having me out today to talk about tax reform and trade.–Tom Reed Tom wanted to talk taxes, but the business people assembled at Glenora had other concerns. Nevertheless, he persisted: John Christensen, writing in The Chronicle-Express, … Continue reading

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Reed on federal spending

Reed: Mission not accomplished on federal spending Tom wrote: “The president is trying to claim victory when it comes to the national debt. “To somehow say that we’ve reduced deficits by $400 billion a year … and somehow be able … Continue reading

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Rep. Reed’s 2015 Agenda

The Hornell Evening News, in their December 10 issue, had an article about Rep. Tom Reed’s 2015 “Agenda”—what he wants to focus his efforts on to benefit his constituents in the NY 23rd. His four items on his agenda are: Social Security … Continue reading

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Is simpler sure to be fairer?

In an April 14 press release, “REED SEES SIMPLER, FAIRER FUTURE FOR TAX FILING SEASON” Tom Reed promotes his vision for tax reform. But would a revamped tax code, mean more money, time, and jobs for taxpayers as Tom claims? … Continue reading

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Dave Camp on Tax Reform

An article by Rep. Dave Camp  (R-MI) titled “How to Fix Our Appalling Tax Code” appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Feb. 25.  A heading notes: “Every year Americans spend more than six billion hours and $168 billion to file … Continue reading

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