How best to fight poverty | New NY 23rd

Reed said instead of 138 percent of the poverty level, he would set the Medicaid eligibility level at 100 percent and provide tax credits for those between 101 and 138 percent so they could buy health insurance from a private company.

We know how to fight poverty–raise incomes. There are many ways to do this:

  • Increase the minimum wage.
  • More public benefits like Medicaid for low income families
  • Keep helping beyond the poverty level rather than cutting benefits there.
  • Invest in America–upgrade our roads, dams, and levees.
  • Recognize that all Americans, not only the wealthy, deserve a fair chance at the American Dream.

The majority of Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton understand that poverty isn’t inevitable–it is the result of government unconcern. The minority who voted for Donald Trump have a different, view.

Reacting to charges by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul that people will die if Republicans repeal the Affordable Care Act, Reed labeled it “political rhetoric. Nobody wants anyone to die.”

If Tom Reed really wants no one to die for lack of medical care, he wouldn’t seek to deprive many of affordable health care.

Many may believe that the rich deserve what they have and more. The majority of Americans reject that notion. Is NY-23 somehow not representative of America, or is Tom Reed out of step with his constituents?

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