NY 23rd Sample Ballots by Counties | New NY 23rd

My experience as an election inspector, and as a candidate tells me that many voters would like to see the ballot they will be using before they reach the polls.

Most counties post their sample ballots on line. As of today Allegany, Schuyler and Tioga Counties have not posted them; the other counties have. Follow the links to the County’s website’ Sample Ballots page. Some people will need to add information (Street Address) or find your Town on a chart.

The links to Allegheny, Schuyler and Tioga Counties are to their Board of Election Website; they may add their sample ballots later. You could ask them where you could see a sample ballot.

Each polling location is suppose to have a sample ballot on display during election day.

Don’t forget that on the back of the ballts will be three State Proposals, the Constitution Convention question and two proposed amendments. Some Towns may have local  proposals. The Town of Barrington (Yates) has three alcohol related proposals on their ballot.

Allegany    Cattaraugus     Chautauqua    Chemung     Ontario    Schuyler

Seneca    Steuben   Tioga    Tompkins  Yates

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