Can the GOP govern wisely? | New NY 23rd

Passage of this (Cromnibus) bill will show our people that we can and will govern responsibly–House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers

Can and will the GOP govern wisely. Past performance suggests not, but compromise on the 2015 budget offers hope.


  • Clean water laws would be weakened for agricultural runoff.
  • At least temporarily, truckers would be able to work as many as 82 hours a week.
  • Manufacturers could continue to use lead in ammunition.
  • Some underfunded pension plans could cut benefits.
  • The Internal Revenue Service would get 12 percent below the administration’s request hindering enforcement of tax laws.
  • A financial regulation, part of a package of reforms for Wall Street banks, would be repealed.
  • Private donors could give more to national parties to help fund conventions, building funds and legal proceedings, such as recounts.
  • Rules for taxing and regulating marijuana in the District of Columbia would not be funded.
  • The Bureau of Engraving and Printing could spend no money to redesign the $1 bill.

The budget proposal does little to address the nation’s pressing problems. However it does fund the government for a year. Democrats and Republicans did compromise to get necessary legislation done, which bodes well for the future.

© William Hungerford – December 2014

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