Tom Reed’s priorities | New NY 23rd

So how is Tom doing on his priorities?

  • Has he helped create a tax code that is fair
  • a tax code that will help working families
  • a tax code that will rein in national debt
  • Has he succeeded in implementing real healthcare reforms
  • in controlling healthcare costs
  • Has he succeeded in getting college costs in check
  • Has he helped families struggling with poverty
  • has he promoted career opportunities here in upstate NY

Tom claims that he cares and is working hard for us. How do readers rate Tom’s performance on his priorities? Has he made any progress on what he said was important?

Thanks for Rich Stewart for the list of priorities which Tom passed out at his December 2016 Town Hall in Barrington. Anyone wishing to question Tom Reed might want to review these questions and Tom’s responses at Barrington.

Tom is often consistent in his talking points. One might expect similar responses to questions this year.

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