Progress on firearm violence | New NY 23rd

Federal law bans gun ownership by those convicted in domestic violence cases, but the law varies by state and how it is enforced, as well as how it is reported to authorities, state officials said. The new New York law will require the courts to notify the state Division of Criminal Justice Services of any convicted domestic abusers. Then the state will report the abusers to the FBI — which will identify them and prohibit them from purchasing and possessing a firearm.Joseph Spector, Chief of USA Today Network’s Albany Bureau.

The NYS SAFE ACT prohibits some persons convicted of domestic abuse from purchasing or possessing firearms. The new act strengthens NYS law by expanding the list of crimes that will require confiscation of guns.

Progress is welcome, but here are some caveats:

  • NYS is a leader, but weak laws in other states remain a problem.
  • Those threatening domestic violence are only some of those who ought to be prohibited from purchasing or possessing guns.
  • Reportedly,  a number of misdemeanors were not included, such as various convictions on menacing, assault and unlawful imprisonment.

Also, it is necessary that the NYS SAFE Act and domestic violence laws be effectively enforced.

I am not aware that Tom Reed has commented on the new law. As he has been a bitter opponent of the NYS Safe Act, one might assume he is not a fan. Claudia Tenny (R, NY-22) has expressed disfavor.

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