Politics is hard | New NY 23rd

Trump on Being President: “I Thought It Would Be Easier”–New York Times

“The man’s tongue is fit to frighten the French.”-―Robert Louis Stevenson

Politics is hard and hard to understand; here are some things to consider:

  • Election to office makes one expert in everything.
  • Donald Trump says he wasn’t ready to be President. Most agree, yet we elected him.
  • Small government is seen as good; Republicans are presumed to favor that.
  • Rescinding regulation and cutting business taxes creates jobs, some think.
  • Republicans are thought to oppose tax loopholes.
  • When a Republican is President, deficits don’t matter.
  • Fake news, fake websites, fake petitions, oh my!
  • Long, costly wars are unpopular, but warlike talk isn’t.
  • Attacking Syria over chemical weapons would be wrong for a Democrat but right for a Republican.
  • Trump didn’t serve in the military, yet he dared criticize John McCain’s service.
  • It didn’t hurt Trump to disparage NATO.
  • It didn’t hurt Trump to buddy-up with V. Putin.
  • Flip-flops may have hurt Mitt, but not Donald.
  • Trump and the Clintons both had foundations; Trump’s actually was crooked.
  • NYS Governor Cuomo actually capped hated property taxes; Republicans are unimpressed.
  • Nepotism is fine for a President.
  • Tom Reed didn’t serve in the military; his father’s service was enough.
  • Reed’s shady real estate dealings didn’t hurt him.
  • Paying his taxes late didn’t hurt Tom, nor did using the wrong checkbook.
  • Reed’s disreputable midnight swim in Israel didn’t hurt him.
  • Continuing to operate his law office didn’t hurt him.
  • Conflict of interest with his bill collecting business hasn’t hurt him.
  • Reed has long advocated reduction in SS and Medicare benefits, yet voters act like they don’t believe he means it?
  • Reed sought zero funding for food stamps, which are important to many constituents.
  • Shutting down the government was a fine idea once.
  • Disruption is seen as good.
  • Disdain for “women’s issues” hasn’t hurt Tom.
  • Access to health insurance is enough.
  • Members of Congress seek to retain ACA benefits for themselves.
  • Reed poses as a militant on sexual exploitation, yet excuses Donald Trump.
  • Whatever a Democrat might say, Tom will be seen as stronger on gun rights.
  • If Tom attends a meeting, a picture is all Tom owes us; we need not know who attended or what was said.
  • Lack of financial support from NY-23, his disdain for the needs of many constituents, and his ties to special interests, don’t keep Tom from selling himself as a hometown boy.

In politics, ignorance may be an asset; contradictions and absurdities don’t matter.

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