Politics is hard

politicsTrump on Being President: “I Thought It Would Be Easier”–New York Times

“The man’s tongue is fit to frighten the French.”-―Robert Louis Stevenson


Politics is hard and hard to understand; here are some things to consider:

  • Election to office makes one expert in everything.
  • Donald Trump says he wasn’t ready to be President. Most agree, yet we elected him.
  • Small government is seen as good; Republicans are presumed to favor that.
  • Rescinding regulation and cutting business taxes creates jobs, some think.
  • Republicans are thought to oppose tax loopholes.
  • When a Republican is President, deficits don’t matter.
  • Fake news, fake websites, fake petitions, oh my!
  • Long, costly wars are unpopular, but warlike talk isn’t.
  • Attacking Syria over chemical weapons would be wrong for a Democrat but right for a Republican.
  • Trump didn’t serve in the military, yet he dared criticize John McCain’s service.
  • It didn’t hurt Trump to disparage NATO.
  • It didn’t hurt Trump to buddy-up with V. Putin.
  • Flip-flops may have hurt Mitt, but not Donald.
  • Trump and the Clintons both had foundations; Trump’s actually was crooked.
  • NYS Governor Cuomo actually capped hated property taxes; Republicans are unimpressed.
  • Nepotism is fine for a President.
  • Tom Reed didn’t serve in the military; his father’s service was enough.
  • Reed’s shady real estate dealings didn’t hurt him.
  • Paying his taxes late didn’t hurt Tom, nor did using the wrong checkbook.
  • Reed’s disreputable midnight swim in Israel didn’t hurt him.
  • Continuing to operate his law office didn’t hurt him.
  • Conflict of interest with his bill collecting business hasn’t hurt him.
  • Reed has long advocated reduction in SS and Medicare benefits, yet voters act like they don’t believe he means it?
  • Reed sought zero funding for food stamps, which are important to many constituents.
  • Shutting down the government was a fine idea once.
  • Disruption is seen as good.
  • Disdain for “women’s issues” hasn’t hurt Tom.
  • Access to health insurance is enough.
  • Members of Congress seek to retain ACA benefits for themselves.
  • Reed poses as a militant on sexual exploitation, yet excuses Donald Trump.
  • Whatever a Democrat might say, Tom will be seen as stronger on gun rights.
  • If Tom attends a meeting, a picture is all Tom owes us; we need not know who attended or what was said.
  • Lack of financial support from NY-23, his disdain for the needs of many constituents, and his ties to special interests, don’t keep Tom from selling himself as a hometown boy.

In politics, ignorance may be an asset; contradictions and absurdities don’t matter.

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* Contributor at NewNY23rd.com where we discuss the politics, economics, and events of the New New York 23rd Congressional District (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, (Eastern) Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben,Tioga, Tompkins, and Yates Counties) Please visit and comment on whatever strikes your fancy.
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