John Stossel on Tariffs | New NY 23rd

We’d all be richer if the ideal NAFTA reform would happen: elimination of tariffs — no government involvement in trade at all.--John Stossel

I don’t often agree with John Stossel, but on tariffs he had me saying yes until his last thought.

Stossel writes:

Yes, trade hurts some Americans who’ll struggle without new skills or the right training. But many, many more are much better off because of trade.

Stossel correctly says that tariffs are generally a bad idea, and I agree. Until the very end of his piece, I was in agreement, but then he slipped in a more general attack on government, and I disagree with that.

It is a small matter, but due to NAFTA I was able to work in Canada as an engineer. I think that was good for me, for Canada, and for the USA. I’m glad NAFTA made that possible.

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