Tom Reed’s January political postcard | New NY 23rd

On his January political postcard, mailed at public expense, Tom makes the following claims of accomplishment

  • Rami bill passed and funded.
  • Temporary tax loopholes made permanent
  • “No Child Left Behind” replaced with “Every Student Succeeds Act.”
  • Supports making entry more difficult for refugees.
  • Opposes Iran Nuclear Agreement, supports more military spending.
  • Touts his “Energy Plan” and racetrack repaving.

Tom used the verb fight (fight, fighting, fought) four times on a 8 by 12 postcard. He also claims to have strengthened, defended, and opposed this and that. The word jobs occurs three times in connection with the “Energy Plan,” RAMI,  and extending tax loopholes. The idea that any of these have or could create jobs is tenuous.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of repealing Obamacare or defunding Planned Parenthood. Nor is their mention of income inequality, climate change, clean air and water, fracking, firearm violence, poverty, immigration reform, making higher education affordable, justice for veterans, or opposing intolerance and prejudice.

Note: Tom claims that it cost less than the cost of a stamp to mail his postcard. That may be true, but is irrelevant. Whatever the cost, we the people, not Tom, pay for it.

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