Tom Reed 2016 Financial Disclosures

Tom ReedReports are due May 15 of the following year. The House has 30 days more to post them. It isn’t clear why they wait till the last minute. This year, it was posted on June 14th.


2015 2016
Corning Inc. IRA <$15,000 <$15,000
Level 3 Communications IRA <$15,000 <$15,000
M&T Bank accounts <$100,000 <$100,000
Mineral Rights None None
R&R Properties <$250,000 <$250,000
R&R Resource Recovery  <$250,000 <$250,000


  1. Tom identifies Mrs. Reed’s salary as income, but gives no amount.
  2. Tom’s government salary isn’t listed.
  3. Mineral rights are said to have no value until developed.
  4. In 2015, Tom no longer listed a student loan.
  5. Tom and family visited the Czech Republic in August 2015 at the expense of the Ripon Society and Franklin Center.
  6. Tom and family visited London, England in November 2016 at the expense of the Ripon Society and Franklin Center.
  7. Level 3 Communications is an internet service provider.
  8. According to Open Secrets, Tom’s estimated wealth has declined possibly showing the effect of ACA on RR Resource Recovery. Open Secrets defines estimated wealth as the average of the maximum debt figure subtracted from the minimum asset figure and the minimum debt figure subtracted from the maximum asset figure. This is a very rough estimate.



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Daily KOS on NY23rd: Twain, Star Trek, Gallant & Reed mentioned


mark-twain-1Our 2018 congressional race is now national atention from the Daily Kos in their today’s DAILY KOS ELECTION roundup. Of course it focuses more on Star Trek and Mark Twin than issues.



NY-23: Kapla, warriors! Over the weekend, Democratic Ulysses Town Board member John Hertzler announced that he would challenge New York GOP Rep. Tom Reed. Hertzler, often credited as “J.G. Hertzler,” is best known for playing the Klingon General Martok on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, as well as several other characters on different Star Trekseries. (He also co-wrote two good novels about Martok set after DS9ended.) However, while Hertzler says he will campaign in character, he will not be going around this upstate New York seat devouring Gagh, chugging Blood Wine, or confronting trackers with a bat’leth.

Instead, Hertzler says he’ll be “making appearances thoughout [sic] the district of 11 counties, sometimes in my birth persona as JG Hertzler and at other times I will endeavor to present my ideas and policies through the brilliant humorist for all ages, Citizen Twain.” Indeed, Mark Twain (born Samuel Clemens) used to live in Elmira, which is located in the 23rd Congressional District. Hertzler also says his campaign is both a “valentine” to both Twain and to actor Hal Holbrook, who portrayed Clemens for over 60 years in a one-act show and also played Clemens in a two-parter on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

This seat, which includes blue Ithaca but is surrounded by more conservative counties, has been an elusive target for Democrats. Back in 2012, Reed pulled off a shockingly close 52-48 win in a race that attracted little attention at the same time as Romney was carrying this upstate seat 50-48. National Democrats tried to target Reed over the next two cycles, but the 2014 GOP wave and Trump’s 2016 55-40 win helped him decisively prevail both times. Democratic teacher Rick Gallant, a former member of the New York State United Teachers Board of Directors, entered the race last month. Presumably, Gallant will campaign only as Rick Gallant. We also assume that he won’t be challenging Hertzler to any duels to the death, but you never know.

While Gallant looks like a much more serious Democratic candidate, it’s unclear if he’ll have the resources to run a serious campaign. The 23rd is a tough seat, but if Reed, who was an early and ardent Trump supporter, looks vulnerable, Democratic leaders probably would prefer not to have Mark Twain as their nominee. General Martok may be another story: Say what you will about him, but Tom Reed would have a tough time portraying him as weak on Changeling terrorism.

In case you were wondering Hertzler is a registered Democrat.

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Rep. Tom Reed–Man for the people?

This article was written by Cath Kestler, constituent and resident of Silver Creek

reed ovidIn a time where Rep. Tom Reed touts himself as a “man for the people” he is available to his constituents. He is far from that as I can attest upon my latest trip to Washington, DC as part of a contingency of medical professionals who spent two days meeting with our local representatives with concerns over the repeal of the ACA and what is actually inside of the AHCA aka Trumpcare.

We got to meet and discuss our concerns regarding healthcare with all of our representatives, except Reed, whose staff rebuffed our attempts even with our willingness to meet in the early morning or later in the evening to accommodate his schedule.  As for his “man of the people” mantra he is full of hot air to state it politely.  We did however did get to dine with Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Maxine Waters at our expense and talk at length over our concerns and they agreed our concerns held high merit.  All in all it was a successful trip, one we hope to repeat in the near future.

Now, I’d like to get back to the availability of Rep. Reed.  Yes, he does hold Town Hall meetings and many have concerns over the places these meetings are held, the way they are run, and the times and lengths of the actual meetings.

First off Reed holds his meetings usually in small towns/villages with strong Republican ties and usually sends out his “postcards” to his Republican supporters and not ALL of the constituents in the area.  The venue is usually a volunteer fire hall that has usually all of the fire-fighting equipment still utilizing most of the space in the venue, if you are lucky maybe there is roughly 25 so odd chairs set up for the meeting.  Parking is usually a problem and if you are handicapped it isn’t so easy to get into meeting—the Ovid, NY meeting comes to mind.  The place was packed to over-flowing and if there was an emergency in the town there definitely would be a problem with removing the people to get the equipment out to the emergency call.  That is a danger to his constituents that I bet Reed and his staff didn’t think about—who would be accountable if someone lost their life or home due to the massive delay his meeting place could cost?  I believe that these meetings are held in small places for a reason in the hopes that his constituents grow tired of cramming into small spaces and just stay home.

I know the ways the meetings are run are to Reed’s benefit and not ours because after all, he has a planned agenda and only one hour to get it all that misinformation out to you.  We are expected to get there early and fill out on paper our names, addresses, emails and questions in hopes to be called upon and if you don’t he promises to answer all your questions by email.  I hope you aren’t waiting for those replies because in the seven years since he has been in Congress, I have never received one.

I’d like to touch upon a recent meeting in the Town of Busti which seems to be a favorite spot for Reed for in the last three months he has held two Town Hall meetings there.  I know this is a very Republican, Tea Party stronghold because the Town Supervisor, Jesse Robbins has infinity to call anyone who doesn’t believe what he does, ‘a low down dirty lot of liberals.’  He also stated that the meetings which take place in Busti are for his residents alone.  Well, Mr. Robbins I’ve got some information for you as an elected official, your town is located in the district of the NY 23rd and any and ALL of the districts constituents are allowed at any and all of the meetings that Rep. Reed holds and there’s nothing you can do about it.  I do believe that I read an article in the Post-Journal where you called out the “outsiders” as rabble-rousers, let’s be true the author of that article left out the fact that the Republicans, you yourself included were shouting out obscenities and told those who didn’t hold your beliefs to go back to North Korea.  You addressed the Town of Busti Board and insisted that Rep. Reed was owed an apology for the ruckus, whereas I believe you owe the visitors to your community a public apology for your outburst and inexcusable behavior.

Constituents shouldn’t be silenced for the elected official serves on their dime.  #ReedsLastTerm



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Reed Repeats Republican Rhetoric

“Former FBI Director Comey testified that neither the president nor his aides asked him to stop the Russia probe or to drop the Flynn probe and that there was no obstruction of justice,” Reed said. “We are pleased investigations are moving forward and confident in the process; however, they must not obstruct the progress of governing in Washington. Congress must remain focused on serving the American people by moving important healthcare and tax reform legislation forward.”–Rep. Tom Reed, Thursday, June 8, 2017 (



Rep. Reed is pretending to be a Federal Judge, again.


Now he feels that he is worthy to decide what constitutes an “obstruction of justice” after hearing one person’s testimony in a Senate hearing (and reading the GOP talking points). Did he forget that the Special Prosecutor is still conducting the Russian influence on the 2016 elections?

Odd, since at his Town Hall meetings last week-end he said:

“I’ve always supported the investigations on the House and Senate Intelligent Committees. I support the call for the Special Prosecutor. Why I support those investigations is that as the evidence is uncovered, if and when it requires additional steps, we support those steps. I respect the constitution, the freedoms and the privacy the constitution emboldens across American. We make sure the investigations are driven by the facts and the evidence. I am very confident that they will get to the bottom of anything that is out there.” (Personal tape of the Geneva Town Hall Meeting, June 3, 2017)

I agree with Rep. Reed that “Congress must remain focused on serving the American people…” Instead of  ruiniung our the health care system, and passing tax reform that will transfer money from the poor to the rich, Congress needs to work on a budget and deal with a debt-limit that they kicked down the road to September.

The GOP was great at getting nothing done during the Obama years, but one would think that since they have both Chambers of Congress, and a President (In Name Only–PINO) they could “remain focus on serving the American people.”





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Mary A. Bennett 1916-1999

Mary Bennett

Mary A. Bennett became the first female mayor of Jackson in 1966. (File photo |

I studied city government in the third grade thanks to the League of Women Voters. Actually, it may have been a fourth grade lesson; my classroom was a third/fourth split. Why bother with third grade work when the fourth is learning something more interesting.

Jackson, MI had a council-manager city government–a form of city government favored by 20th Century good government reformers. The League of Women Voters had written a pamphlet on Jackson city government which is what we studied. I remember the pamphlet so it must have been handed out to both third and fourth graders.

Mrs. Bennett’s son was in my HS class; his brother and my brother were friends. She went to our church, but I scarcely knew that. I had little interest in church ladies; I was appalled when I learned that my attractive seventh grade Latin teacher was a church member, and my mother knew her.

Here is Mrs. Bennett’s bio from the work cited below:

Bennett had served as YMCA board president; chairwoman of the mayor’s subcommittee for housing for minorities, the elderly and low-income families; vice chairwoman of the citizens committee for several Union School District (now Jackson Public Schools) bond and millage issues; president of Jackson’s League of Women Voters; Girl Scout troop leader and Boy Scout den mother; First Congregational Church Sunday school teacher; and secretary of the mayor’s committee on city finances.

Her activities evidently were quite progressive for twentieth century Midwestern America.

I don’t know if Mrs. Bennett favored a political party; city officials may have been elected on a non-partisan ballot. I don’t know if she contributed to the LWV pamphlet; certainly it was written by women like her. I like to imagine that she did.


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Questions about that leaked hacking document

printerThe leak story raises questions. Here are some:

  • Are there no barriers to a government contractor searching for a classified document, printing it, and taking it home?
  • Do contractors with clearance not know that printed documents can be traced? Why not?
  • Why was that document classified?  Surely there was no need to keep it secret from Russia. Who was not to know?

I know from experience that documents are sometimes improperly classified to avoid embarrassing a government agency. I wonder if this was an instance of that.



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Three false beliefs

I believe these beliefs are false:

  • Tom Reed will be easily defeated in 2018
  • NY-23 is the result of gerrymandering.
  • Tom Reed faithfully represents those who voted for him.

Here are my reasons:

It is very difficult and unusual to unseat an entrenched incumbent. People speaking up at town hall meetings certainly aren’t representative of NY-23 voters. Hundreds attended the June 3 meetings, but there are hundreds of thousands of voters in NY-23. Reed might be defeated, but it is foolish and self-defeating to assume that it will happen.

After the 2010 census, the NYS Legislature could not agree on redistricting. Subsequently, the district lines were drawn by the Federal judiciary. Tom Reed and NYS Republicans had nothing to do with the decision.

Tom Reed represents his own interests. He no more listens to his Republican supporters, whether moderate or extreme, than he does to his Democratic constituents. He is the incumbent in a safe district–concerning his ability to win reelection should he choose to run, it matters little what he says or does.

If Tom does run for reelection in 2018, he will most likely run as he has before, not on the issues but as Mr. Niceguy, Mary’s little brother, Tom on the job , from here, one of us.

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