Dunkirk Power Plant

We care about the hardworking men and women of Chautauqua County. Unfortunately, the end result of today’s announcement will be a shuttered NRG power plant. This win for environmental extremists will leave us with a weakened economy and higher taxes. We must come together and find the commonsense solutions to meet our energy needs, use natural gas to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern crude oil and create the quality, family-sustaining jobs our region needs. — Tom Reed

  • Should NRG be allowed to walk away from their obsolete plant, or should they be required to tear it down and clean up the lake shore site?
  • Are only “environmental extremists” concerned about our planet, or should we all be concerned?
  • Lower local taxes for some at the expense of others? Is this fair?
  • Is the only “common sense solution” to burn gas?
  • Relatively few workers are needed to staff a power plant. The jobs will move elsewhere, not disappear.

Should decisions about power generation be made by experts or by politicians? For this author, the answer is clear.

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