On December 22, 1944 American troops were sent an ultimatum from the German forces outside of the town of Bastogne demanding “the honorable surrender” of the town within two hours. General Anthony McAuliffe’s reply was: N U T S !


The movie Proud, produced by Ally Hilfiger and filmed in Elmira and Buffalo, has a striking scene with Captain and crew repelling an attempted invasion of their ship. It was a naval Capitan and crew, not a four star Russian General, a single ship not a major military base, the invaders were two rowdies, not a heavily armed militia; yet the principle is the same–armed military units must defend their position.

Russian Colonel General Sergey Kuzovlev reportedly allowed Wagner paramilitary forces to occupy his military headquarters. What could have been his motivation?

  • Did he not think it his duty to resist?
  • Did he lack the means to resist?
  • Was he unwilling to act without orders from above?
  • Did he fear that Russian soldiers would refuse his orders?
  • Was he sympathetic to the Wagner militia?
  • Was he waiting to see what would happen?

The 2021 attack on the US Capitol was more a riot than a serious insurrection, yet there is a warning for us in the news from Russia. Our NY Representatives seem reluctant to hold public meetings. News is dominated by firearm violence. There was a plot to kidnap the Governor of Michigan, a plot to overthrow The Constitution. Militant groups here threaten armed insurrection. Are Governors, law enforcement officers and military planners ready to protect public meetings, government buildings and military bases? They should review their plans.

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