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From ancient dynasties to modern fortunes, family has long defined our past, present, and future.–Maya Jasanoff I found an interesting article in the May 29, 2023 issue of The New Yorker: “The History of Nepo Babies Is the History of … Continue reading

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We are going to hold China accountable and I believe the President made it very clear, he was going to disrupt our trade not only with China, but with others across the world looking for that fair and balanced trade … Continue reading

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If you wanted a man to encourage the van, Or harass the foe from the rear, Or to storm a redoubt, you had but to shout For Abdulah Bul Bul Ameer. If you need a man like the mythical Abdulah, … Continue reading

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Can the President do what he likes? Pretty much, I think. The President is expected to faithfully execute the laws, but the President can veto bills, take exception with signing statements, or direct subordinates to ignore laws. The courts might … Continue reading

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Rep. Capuano (D-MA) writes: According to July 2017 news reports, Trump son-in-law and now government employee Jared Kushner tried and failed to get a $500 million loan from a Qatari businessman. The money was for a New York City building … Continue reading

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“I know Jared. He’s a great guy, decent guy,” Kelly told NBC’s Chuck Todd on “Meet The Press.” I know from watching “horse operas,” that after committing a crime, the bad guys go back to the hideout to “lay low.” … Continue reading

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Nepotism is favoritism shown to a relative in conferring office or privilege. The term comes from favoritism shown in church appointments in times past. Nepotism doesn’t depend on : Whether an office is a paid position or not. Whether the … Continue reading

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The President has the right to appoint who he wants if you look at the law. Kellyanne Conway You can look at the law (5 U.S. Code § 3110 – Employment of relatives; restrictions) yourself. Most observers see more ambiguity … Continue reading

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