What might have been | New NY 23rd

“For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’”–Whittier

It became necessary to destroy the town to save it.–Reported from Bến Tre in Viet Nam by Peter Arnett in 1968.

From thousands of phone calls, e-mails, letters, and face-to-face conversations, I heard one clear message: “Obamacare is a disaster for us; it must be repealed.” Constituents complained of sky-high premiums and deductibles due to Obamacare. Business owners explained that Obamacare costs threatened to put them out of business. People objected to paying for other peoples problems: cancer screenings, abortions, contraception, mammograms. Responding to these nearly unanimous voices, we made a three step plan for perfect healthcare.

Yes, perfect healthcare–unbelievably low costs, unbelievably quality service, and perfect freedom to choose the plan which is best for you. A “market based” plan, a “patient centered” plan, sure to lower costs with better quality. No more government coercion, freedom to choose your doctor, no more coverage than your family needs and can afford, just what Americans want.

Enemies of the American people, those on the other side of the aisle, worked to destroy this perfect plan. Rather than work together in the interest of all Americans, they focused their hateful rhetoric only on step one–the necessary first step toward replacing Obamacare, which all recognized was less than perfect, with a much better plan. They purposefully ignored steps two and three, which would have given them everything they asked for. I implored them to be reasonable, to work with us, but they turned their backs on their own professed interests and on the American people.

Obamacare is unsupportable–it costs too much, it is a disaster. When it collapses, I hope people will remember what might have been–repeal followed by replacement with an unbelievably better plan. The thousands of constituents who came to me seeking relief from the mandates of Obamacare will surely be disappointed. So sad.



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