Tom Reed’s campaign strategy | New NY 23rd

There are certain things that strict fathers cannot be: A Loser, Corrupt, and especially not a Betrayer of Trust.–George Lakoff

Tom Reed poses as a strict but caring father–he knows best what is good for us. Cut social spending to make us self-reliant, master a trade as an alternative to college, trust him and President Trump. Tom Reed’s more detailed campaign strategy is laid out on his official facebook page:

  • Frequent photo ops show him as a caring person at home in his district.
  • Run against “hippies:” Tom says: “Heroin injection sites are an extreme proposal and they are not the solution to ending the opioid epidemic in our region and across the country. These sites attract drug abusers and criminal drug dealers, making these communities vulnerable to more crime and homelessness.”
  • He has an answer for concern over student loans — force schools to disburse endowments.
  • On the loss of the state tax deduction, he blames NYS Democrats.
  • He has an answer for concern over tariffs–Trump’s negotiating ploy.
  • He has an answer for concern over deficits — optimistic predictions of economic growth.
  • On rising health insurance costs, he points the finger of blame at Democrats.
  • He has an answer for concerns over immigration–bipartisan compromise.
  • On the question of tax cuts for the rich, he posts anecdotes about wage increases and bonuses.
  • On farm policy, he feigns concern.
  • On veterans, wave the flag, attend parades, arrange photo ops.
  • On guns, claim to defend the Constitution, offer to address mental health.

Tom will run on his issues and his proposals. It won’t do to bicker with him on his terms. He has framed the debate to his advantage. His opponents must do better at framing the debate to advantage.

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