Does Reed share Trump’s Values? | New NY 23rd

Today’s (Sunday, April 17) Finger Lakes Times “Insight” section’s top of the page headline announces, “Group to Reed…your endorsement of Donald Trump raises many significant questions”. The article is an Open Letter to Rep. Tom Reed.

The group, Tools for Social Change, is:

  • grassroots and nonpartisan
  • is made up of about 500 diverse Genevans: Republicans, Democrats, independents, faith traditions, sexual orientations, racial and gender identities, classes and abilities
  • their mission: utilize collaboration, dialogue, and love to build community and grow as people

The letter includes: “As our representative in Congress, your voice sets the tone for our district. What we say, who we endorse, and how we act can and does have a direct impact on our neighbors. Your endorsement of the candidacy of Donald J Triumphs raised significant questions.”

It points to Trumps’ candidacy, rhetoric and actions for heightened a hostile and dangerous climate in Geneva.  The letter includes recent local racist, homophobic, and anti-immigrant activities which are connected to Trump’s public rhetoric. They also list examples of their aspirations for Geneva (America), and states, “We endeavor to create safe places for all people to come together for healing, shared decision-making, and community-building.”

The letter ends with a request to Rep. Reed to “stand with us” against the “violence, xenophobia, misogyny, and racist statements and actions.”

Rep. Reed, in his endorsement of Trump, noted “We must move beyond the bombastic rhetoric”. Since then Reed has been placed as a C0-Chair of Trump’s Leadership Team. It is unclear what power our congressman has over Trump’s campaign style. Reed will probably not ignore the issues brought up by the Tools for Social Change, but we need to evaluate him by his actions, not what he says.

People are judged by the company they keep.

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