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Explain it to me, Tom

This article, by Lee Marcus, is published here with permission of the author. EXPLAIN IT TO ME, TOM Children’s literature has a parable for our times in The Emperor’s New Clothes, by Hans Christian Andersen. It goes like this: the … Continue reading

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This article was submitted by Lee Marcus of Arkport. America is the country where children are routinely shot dead in school. Woke now? I’ll tell you who’s woke. Steve Bannon. Last week, Bannon announced that what we’re seeing today is … Continue reading

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Does Reed share Trump’s Values?

Today’s (Sunday, April 17) Finger Lakes Times “Insight” section’s top of the page headline announces, “Group to Reed…your endorsement of Donald Trump raises many significant questions”. The article is an Open Letter to Rep. Tom Reed. The group, Tools for … Continue reading

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Kathleen Parker on Race

In her column, “Let’s stop dealing the race card,”  which appeared in the local Gannett papers today, April 21, Kathleen Parker addresses race in politics. She starts by citing the case of an obscure state Representative, a black Democrat, for … Continue reading

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“The President’s remarks today inspired me to share a story” by Nate Shinagawa

The following was written by Nate Shinagawa, 2012 candidate for Congress from the NY-23rd, Current Vice-Chair of the Tompkins County Legislature, and hospital administrator at Guthrie Clinic in Sayre, Pa. It was posted on his Facebook page on Friday, July … Continue reading

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