Is Tom Reed compassionate? | New NY 23rd

I feel compassion for DREAMers who face uncertain futures due to choices not their own. We in Congress should take this opportunity to reform our legal immigration system, not only to find a permanent solution to the plight of these individuals but also to ensure that immigrants can contribute to our society and economy. We must develop policies that create both opportunity and long-term stability for our country as a whole.  — Tom Reed

Is Tom Reed Compassionate? Let’s review his record.

  • He voted against keeping the government open in 2013 potentially putting many out of work.
  • He voted against SNAP funding.
  • He voted for higher student loan interest rates.
  • He voted for a health care bill which would have deprived many of his constituents of affordable health care.

Reed is compassionate in a pig’s eye. His feigned compassion for “dreamers” is a transparent political ploy.

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