Tom Reed on Immigration Reform

Reed stated:

immigrationRather than taking unilateral, clearly unconstitutional action that even the President conceded many times over the years is the case, I hoped the President would have worked with Congress to find solutions which are fair to those who follow the rules and come to this country legally. By turning his back on American citizens across the country, and failing to ensure the country’s national security remained our mutual top priority, the President has placed politics over the interest of his fellow citizens. That is just plain wrong and fails to care for the safety of our fellow American citizens.

“Clearly unconstitutional;” really Tom? How that is, Tom doesn’t say.

I do not support amnesty. However, I do believe a path to a solution exists that would provide legal work status to those here illegally, and at the same time ensure our national security remained intact. There is a path to compromise, but the President simply doesn’t know how to get there. In Listening to our constituents this is a path I know that  could work. 

Is that the path that the Senate found and the House ignored for nearly two years? Again Tom doesn’t say.

I hope the President will work with us on this type of solution to immigration reform rather than abusing his authority to gain a political point and at the same time putting all of us at risk as a result.

What Tom does do is imply the President’s actions threaten national security and put Americans at risk. How it does this, Tom doesn’t say. However, those issues were addressed at length in President Obama’s speech.’s-executive-action-immigration



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3 Responses to Tom Reed on Immigration Reform

  1. whungerford says:

    Buzz words:

    • unilateral, clearly unconstitutional action
    • turning his back on American citizens
    • placed politics over the interest of his fellow citizens
    • just plain wrong
    • I do not support amnesty
    • abusing his authority to gain a political point


  2. Anne says:

    And, I see they were so upset over and serious about the whole thing, they closed up shop and all went home early.

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