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Some believe this.

The only difference between death and taxes is that death doesn’t get worse every time Congress meets.– Will Rogers

Defending the Indefensible

Tom’s October 24th facebook posts dealt with taxation. Most comments were hostile to Tom’s post, many comments were irrelevant, but these, apparently posted by supporters, illustrate minority views.

  1.  get’em Tom!!
  2. How about only the folks who actually pay taxes are the only ones who vote . Then see what happens and who gets our votes!
  3. Great job Tom!
  4.  The real solution for NY is to reign (sic) in state spending and lower our property taxes, too. That’s the trickle down we need to make this private economy boom. Congressman Reed is elected to a different legislature.
  5.  Thank you, Tom, for the great job you are doing!
  6. Yeah, they can’t have us tax slaves keeping too much of our money.
  7. Congressman Reed, are you reading the uncompromising vitriol of those you’d compromise the goals of the constituency who voted you in with? How about standing firm, and letting the opposition compromise their own objectives?
  8. NY is the shittiest at tax relief. Everyone blows too much smoke and won’t keep Cuomo from waist (sic) fraud and abuse!
  9. Congressman Reed, I agree but we don’t have to prove they are hypocrites…they already have proved it over and over.
  10. Chuckie and Andie are against this taking away the state and local tax deductions because it will effect the rich in NYC thus cutting into their campaign donations. It actually benefits the middle and lower income in N.Y.
  11. Get it done for us please don’t listen to the haters they only care about themselves. They think they know your job why the sit at home on our money. I believe in you.
  12.  Well spoken Tom. How unfortunate that your page is populated by so many politically ‘blinded’ Democrats who vote for the same ol’, same ol’ every time, oblivious to the subterfuge being played about them by their party. They feel obligated to spout their ignorance here for all to see. The Democrats protect their big business interests behind their backs while telling their constituents lies to their faces – Schumer and Cuomo are two of the worst in NY. There are plenty of us who see the truth of the matter, however, and that is why you are elected, and not some Schumer/Clinton sycophant . Keep up the good work!
  13. Fun experiment: YouTube the Trump Tax Plan when people are told it’s Bernie’s. Lefties love it. They’re simply dogmatically opposed to anything coming from the right wing.
  14. Why don’t you call for Soros arrest for non payment of back taxes and Sharpton for same and both for supporting domestic terrorism and arresting illegals and their families for covering up and hiding illegals! Enforce the laws!!! Demand it!
  15. Lowering your taxes won’t “kill” you. It may kill off a few unnecessary State and Federal jobs and make the rest more efficient.
  16. “Right to work”? Where is that written? Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Bible? Rolling Stone? (Maybe).

Number 16 puzzles me: “Right to work” is a anti-union slogan associated with conservatives and Republicans. Tom Reed can’t fairly be accused of opposing that. What was that person thinking; was the objection to anything said to be a “right?”

Tom posted three times on taxes on October 24th garnering hundreds of comments, mostly hostile. Tom’s strategy is repetition–a good way to hammer home a point.

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