Who decides about experimental drugs? | New NY 23rd

This article on Covid 19 was written by Arthur Ahrens of Branchport and is published here with permission. Views expressed by contributors are their own.

When I get sick, I follow my doctor’s recommendations. As everyoneshould. Science Rules!But science is not good for TRUMP, who has repeatedly ignored andbelittled scientists and epedemiologists, saying he knows best! Over thelast few months (YEARS in TRUMP TIME) President Trump has ignored adviceto wear masks, pushed coronavirus treatments includinghydroxychloroquine (many, many times), bleach and bright lights (not asmuch). He has indicated an interest in Oleandrin, a product pushed bymajor Trump donor, the My Pillow Guy.We should all be interested to see his medication list now that he isill with Covid-19.According to the President’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, President Trump

is presently receiving the following medications:

an experimental antibody cocktail made by the pharmaceutical companyRegeneron, vitamin D, zinc, Pepcid, melatonin, aspirin, dexamethasone (a

steroid reserved for severe infections).

As far as we know, he is NOT taking:

hydroxychloroquine, Oleandrin (pushed by the My Pillow Guy), Bleach. Nor has he been subjected to light strong enough to illuminate his

internal organs

 I will leave it to the reader to make their own conclusions.

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