A strange coincidence | New NY 23rd

Every day, it looks like Hillary Clinton is getting closer to securing the Democratic nomination. That is one step closer to a Clinton presidency. Hillary Clinton, like my opponent John Plumb, worked for President Obama helping him create foreign policy that has endangered the lives of Americans. It is frightening to think that she could be our next president and John Plumb has endorsed her. We cannot afford to have people like John Plumb or Hillary Clinton elected into office when their actions have already endangered our families.–Tom Reed, May 2016

Congress has released facebook ads sponsored by Russians. Surprisingly, the categories and the ads are very similar to Tom Reed’s political advertising. Here are the categories with my comments.

  • Events: Some of Tom Reed’s meetings seemed designed to attract divisive protest which is featured in his advertising.
  • African-American Focused: ??
  • Immigration: ??
  • Second Amendment: Tom repeatedly claims that his opponents are anti-gun activists, and falsely claims that responsible firearm regulations conflict with the Second Amendment.
  • Heart of Texas: ??
  • LGBT: ??
  • Muslims: Tom has attacked “radical Muslim extremists.”
  • Veterans: Tom’s advertising suggests he supports veterans while his opponents do not.
  • Candidates: Tom’s advertising seeks to disparage his opponents by labeling them as extremists, attacking their character and appearance with doctored images, and linking them with Nancy Pelosi, Governor Cuomo, et. al. who are presumed to be evil persons.

Where I haven’t provided an example, perhaps readers will do so.

I might also have mentioned fake web sites, phony petitions, and efforts to promote conflict between Tompkins County and other counties in NY-23.


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