Believe it or not | New NY 23rd

   The buck stops here. — Harry S. Truman

Can you believe it?

  1. President Eisenhower was embarrassed by a scandal over a fur coat and one lie he told.
  2. After Richard Nixon, accused of crime, cover-up, and lying about it, left office in disgrace, a future President would do all of that and more and be allowed to tough it out.
  3. After Bill Clinton had to answer charges with documents and a disposition, a future president would claim immunity to any lawsuit.
  4. After watching Al Gore, presiding over the Senate, accept defeat, there is a serious concern that a future defeated candidate might refuse to leave office.
  5. That we would elect a President with no experience in government or the military.
  6. That a President would agree to cooperate with the Senate but not the House.
  7. Tens of thousands of Americans would die in a pandemic, and the President would not make action a priority.
  8. Many would claim that the First Amendment prohibits government action to protect public health.
  9. After vaccines have saved so many lives, many would oppose vaccination.
  10. That education, science and expertise would be suspect.
  11. That many would not believe news reports; that many would not believe what the President says.

Better believe it.

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