Finger Lakes Times Endorses John and Leslie! | New NY 23rd

The Finger Lakes Times has endorsed both John Plumb and Leslie Danks Burke. It will probably be after noon when they put the story online.

For John, they praise his experience, his 2nd Amendment stance and that he is ” totally against Fracking with an eye on advancing renewable energy and tourism; and is intent on getting internet and cell-phone coverage” in the NY 23rd and other issues.

They criticized Reed’s DC John Campaigning and the fact that he was an early supporter of Trump. They added that he has been in Congress for 6 years, on important committees, and says he wants to get the job done. What has he been doing?

For Leslie, they praise her for battling the Albany ethics and stance on limiting outside income for our state legislators, battling to have upstate schools get the attention (and funds) that we deserve, and that we should move away from fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

We should note that they also endorsed Nate Shinagawa four years ago, and Reed two years ago.

We have the right candidates. They ran the right (honorable) campaigns. Now we have to wait until Tuesday to see how the National Campaigns influence how the voters cast they ballots.

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