Bad Arguments | New NY 23rd

House Democrats got their historic day. They now own the first impeachment in American history that had no bipartisan support, only bipartisan opposition. They now own the first impeachment that contains no criminal violations, only political disputes.–White House

These arguments are false:

  1. Because some say DJT was impeached for no good reason, impeachment of a future President for no good reason is justified.
  2. Impeachment of DJT betrays those who elected him, even though voters know more about him now than they did then.
  3. The only legitimate remedy for a corrupt President is the next election.
  4. A conspiracy of Republican politicians to defend a Republican President no matter what makes impeachment illegitimately partisan.
  5. If some have long favored impeachment, that makes it illegitimate.
  6. Only crimes justify impeachment.
  7. Giving DJT the option to defend himself presumes his guilt.
  8. Lies only matter if one has sworn to tell the truth.
  9. Laws only need be obeyed after reaffirmation by the courts.
  10. DJT is exonerated if not removed by the Senate.

If we are to be a nation of laws, we must reject these arguments.

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