Afghanistan timeline | New NY 23rd

  • Soviet Russia supports a moderate Afghan government.
  • Ronald Reagan doesn’t like Communists.
  • Mujahedeen are anti-communist, so Reagan gives them weapons.
  • The Russians leave Afghanistan.
  • The Taliban take over.
  • After 9/11, the Taliban won’t give up Osama bin Laden
  • GWB decides to punish the Taliban by arming their enemies.
  • This doesn’t work.
  • More and more American soldiers are sent there to fight.
  • That doesn’t work; the Taliban grows stronger.
  • President Obama scales back the American military presence.
  • President Trump proposes an end to the war; General Mattis quits.
  • President Trump negotiates an end to the war with the Taliban.
  • President Biden affirms the agreement to leave Afghanistan.
  • The Afghan Govt. is routed.

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