What Tom Reed won’t discuss | New NY 23rd

Don’t think like an elephant.–George Lakoff

Tom Reed has announced a town hall at the American Legion Hall on Ithaca Rd. in Horseheads on Monday November 20 from 6-7 PM.

After corporate tax cuts, “the workers have more disposable income, the workers spend more. And we see the whole trickle-down through the economy, and that’s good for the economy.”–Gary Cohn, Director of the National Economic Council at the White House

  • ALEC
  • Corporate welfare
  • Federal minimum wage
  • Firearm violence
  • Gender wage gap
  • His conflicts of interest
  • His tax returns
  • Koch Brothers
  • Misfeasance in Trump Administration
  • Poverty
  • Puerto Rico
  • Single payer health insurance
  • Trickle down
  • Trump campaign collusion with Russia
  • Wealth gap

Tom won’t discuss these issues because they distract from his message. They aren’t key to his popularity–his image, rather than his performance in office, is important to his continued success.

Tom poses as a benign patriarch, listening patiently to his children’s concerns while standing above them. Rather than react to issues Tom raises in his monologues, one might try to raise matters that Tom is loath to discuss.

At Tom’s meetings one might ask:

  • What were Tom’s objectives? Did he achieve them?
  • What were the peoples objectives? Did they achieve them?

If some of the peoples objectives were achieved, how did that come about?

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