Tracy Mitrano disagrees | New NY 23rd

Debates help voters understand what a campaign represents and each candidate’s stance on various issues. — Tracy Mitrano

Tom Reed  “introduced the Help Act to allow federal prosecutors access to more severe penalties when prosecuting certain drug cases, and has also supported increased funding to fight the epidemic. The 2018 Omnibus alone included $4.7 billion for prevention, treatment and law enforcement activities, and the House and Senate recently passed a package of more than 50 bills aimed at fighting the opioid epidemic.”

  • Tracy Mitrano believes Rep. Tom Reed’s unwillingness to meet with her for debates is a disservice to the 23rd congressional district.
  • Mitrano criticized Reed for neglecting the eastern portion of the 23rd district, noting he “never” visits Ithaca, Seneca Falls or Owego for debates.
  • The candidate also said she disagrees with Reed’s May 15 vote against the Health and Economic Recovery Omnibus Emergency Solutions (HEROES) Act, which provides relief to the economy, public health, state and local governments, individuals and businesses in light of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Mitrano stated her position on the opioid crisis, saying she supports “clear language” surrounding opioids, via tracking prescriptions, treating addiction and using technology at U.S. borders to prohibit drugs from coming into the country.

Is law enforcement key to addressing opioid abuse; are debates a vital service to the 23rd congressional district? What do readers think?

Reed’s campaign spokesperson Matt Coker released the following statement in response to Mitrano’s request for debates.

“To suggest that the congressional race warrants more debates than even the race for President shows that Tracy is a grand-stander looking only for public attention to pacify her own ego. However, Tom is focused on results. He is protecting the interests of New Yorkers during these unprecedented times while remaining accessible to voters as evident by having held over 270 town halls. In time, voters will see they can’t trust radical liberal Tracy Mitrano.”

I don’t know that Tom has defended his vote against the HEROS Act.

Here is Tom Reed’s statement on opioids; see if you can tell what he proposes:

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