What happened to Republican orthodoxy? | New NY 23rd

How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!–Samuel Adams

Opposing war

Before both wars with Germany, Presidents Wilson and Roosevelt waited for attacks to sway public opinion before asking Congress for a declaration of war. Till then, Republicans had demanded neutrality. President Roosevelt branded the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in advance of a declaration of war an infamous “sneak attack.” Today, President Trump threatens a similar attack, and Republicans are largely silent. If the mutually assured destruction doctrine works with more powerful adversaries, China and Russia, why not North Korea? What happened to the GOP?

Working with allies

Since the Second World War at least, our government has put much emphasis on working with allies. The Korean War was ostensibly conducted by the United Nations. President G.H.W.Bush organized a coalition in support of the First Gulf War; President G.W.Bush sought allies, primarily Britain, for the Second Gulf War. Today, President Trump is disdainful of allies, and Republicans are largely silent. What happened to the GOP?

Fiscal conservatism

Formerly Republicans were fiscal conservatives often insisting on a balanced budget. They still may pay lip-service to that idea, but no longer support it. Every subterfuge is used to justify unfunded tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations. What happened to the GOP?

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