Tom Reed’s website revised | New NY 23rd

In November, 2017, Tom Reed’s website changed. The revised site is slick and attractive, and there is one important change–the link to “media” (op eds and press releases) is gone. Articles previously filed by title are now filed by a non-descriptive document number. All are now filed under “news.”

Links to Reed’s press releases and op eds on “New NY 23rd” are no longer valid, but the articles may still be found by searching. For example, searching for “taxes” finds many articles including this one from 2012:

The title of this 2012 op ed is “Focus on Spending and Solutions, Not Taxes and Blame”

Over the years Tom’s website has become slicker but less informative. For example, in 2015 a link to Tom’s financial disclosures disappeared. Tom’s facebook page also changed in November–visitor comments are now disallowed.

Tom’s press releases document how his views have evolved over the years. It is good that they can still be found by searching. Searching here on “New NY 23rd” also turns up much interesting reading.

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