Has Rep. Reed become complacent and defensive?

rotaryHandily elected to a third full term, Tom has become increasingly complacent and defensive. Here is evidence of that.

Tom never made much use of his official website “reed.house.gov.” Lately, there are even more signs of indifference and neglect:

  •  As of March 12, 2015 the bill search feature doesn’t recognize the current Congress: the 114th.
  • The daily schedule feature and event archive have disappeared.
  • The link to Tom’s financial disclosures is gone.
  • The news feature is infrequently updated.
  • Tom hasn’t posted an OP ED since June, 2014.

Tom once occasionally commented on his official facebook page, but his comments have not been seen there in many months:

  • He has allowed his official page to become a cesspool for offensive postings created by third parties.
  • Comments that violate his stated standards as well as common decency are allowed to remain.
  • Among Tom’s postings, photo ops predominate.
  • Explanations of his controversial votes posted on his campaign page are not seen on his official page.

Tom continues to use his “campaign” facebook page as a propaganda outlet.

  • Unlike his official page, his campaign page is regularly monitored.
  • Comments by constituents are regularly deleted.
  • Many constituents are blocked from posting or commenting there.

Tom lauds his many townhall meetings saying he welcomes his constituent’s views, but there is little evidence of that:

  • Most meetings are scheduled in small rural venues.
  • Meetings are announced to a restricted audience by mail or other means in advance of public announcement.
  • Meetings are publicly announced at the last minute.
  • Questions are usually screened.
  • Tom often mocks constituents who express views that differ from his.
  • At Penn Yan, a constituent had to ask that his question be read. At Portland, sidekick Joe ended the questioning when Reed got in too deep.
  • Tom now finds it necessary to have law officers present at his meetings.
  • Tom seldom if ever acknowledges anything he might have learned at these public meetings.

Constituents who receive advance notice of meetings, attend Tom’s meetings, or are blocked from his facebook pages are invited to post an account on New NY 23rd.

© William Hungerford – March 2015


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* Contributor at NewNY23rd.com where we discuss the politics, economics, and events of the New New York 23rd Congressional District (Allegany, Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Chemung, (Eastern) Ontario, Schuyler, Seneca, Steuben,Tioga, Tompkins, and Yates Counties) Please visit and comment on whatever strikes your fancy.
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9 Responses to Has Rep. Reed become complacent and defensive?

  1. Robert Kriegar says:

    Everything that I am reading, this is illustrative of the conservative politician, and their followers, in general.


  2. Deb Meeker says:

    To my knowledge, when these issues are broached with Reed or his staff directly, answers for these behaviors are never forthcoming.
    Silence seems to be golden for Reed – he is not held accountable for any of them; nor is he held accountable for frequently voting against the wishes of the majority of Americans.


  3. Anne says:

    It’s been a little difficult over the last few years to determine exactly what is going to be Reed’s fatal flaw. But perhaps it’s hubris.

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  4. Lee Marcus says:

    His upcoming town hall in Steuben County is at 8AM on a Saturday, in Erwin. Because everybody’s favorite time for citizen participation is 8AM on Saturday. It’s THIS SATURDAY, btw.

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  5. whungerford says:

    Thanks for your comment Lee; if you attend the Erwin meeting, please send us a report.


  6. pystew says:

    I was at the TPP Press Conference at Rep. Reed’s office on Wednesday. Reed’s District Director Joe invited the crowd to come to his Town Hall Meetings. I noted that there has not been much notice for the Town Halls. Joe thought I meant the one for Penn Yan (Feb 20) and told me that it was a late addition to the schedule. BS. The Press Release announcing the Penn Yan meeting was dated Feb 13–a whole week before the event. I was talking about the meetings that were held on January 31, which the Press Release’s title included the term “Tomorrow”.

    Checking Rep.Reed’s website, in 2013 the Reed’s Press Releases were posted on the average Nine 9 days before the event. In 2014, 9.6 days notice was given. This year, not counting the five meetings he had the week he wasn’t in Washington, he has given one day notice. There must be a reason for the drastic decrease.

    His Press Release about his Defense of Property Rights Act ended with :*An additional Bill Summary is available upon request.” On Monday, March 2 I phoned his Washington Office to request that summary. The call went to a staff’s Voice Mail, I explained what I wanted and gave them my email address. It didn’t arrive on Tuesday, I called again, late in the day but I got a live voice. I describe what I was requesting, and was told that she would send it to me. I had to ask again on Thursday, since it hadn’t arrived (and, yes I checked my junk mail box) I called again. The bottom line is I called three times and never received what I was told they had and would send me. I used the summary that was on the Library of Congress’ website. I wonder how Rep. Reed’s was different than the official one.

    I might get a complex if I keep getting ignored.


  7. whungerford says:

    Not only is there still no press release concerning tomorrow’s meetings on Tom’s website, but I have found no notice in newspapers.


  8. pystew says:

    I contacted the reporter for the Penn Yan Chronicle Express who usually goes to Reed’s events and asked if he had a list of this week’s Town Hall Meeting were being held. That was before I saw them listed on Reed’s Facebook page. The reporter had no idea what I was talking about. I figured Reed might send the Press Release to the newspapers but not post it on his website. I was wrong. He doesn’t tell the public at all. I do expect one today saying the meetings will be ‘Tomorrow’. I wonder if anyone who lives in Painted Post, Cohocton, near Hopewell, or Seneca Falls have received post cards about the meetings.


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