On Guns | New NY 23rd

  • Universal background checks – no loopholes
  • Eliminate assault rifles
  • Reverse the Dickey Amendment 
  • Domestic violence conviction or court order – we must eliminate firearms 

I served in the military for most of my adult life, so I understand the power and responsibility that accompanies owning and operating a firearm.

I also understand the important role that gun ownership plays in the many communities across this district. In Congress, I will continue to support the right of Americans to responsibly purchase and own certain firearms for the purpose of hunting and protecting their families.

However, we must take strong federal action to curb the epidemic of gun violence that has swept our country.

I support closing the gun show and online sale loopholes around the country that allow people to purchase guns without having to show a license. In addition, I will continue to support a ban on automatic weapons and bump stocks to prevent the type of mass carnage that has become a somber reality for our nation.

Max will be a forceful advocate for gun reform and believes his military background will help bridge opposing sides to finally pass gun reform legislation.

Guns not listed as a priority.

Tracy Mitrano

I come from a family of hunters and I will protect the constitutional rights of law-abiding gun owners. At the same time, gun violence is an epidemic in this country and we cannot ignore the ongoing mass shootings in our schools and communities. Research has shown that the number one reason for mass murders in our country is the easy availability of large numbers of guns. There are practical and common sense actions that can and must be taken to ensure those seeking to commit violent acts do not have easy access to guns.

Eddie Sundquist

As a hunter, I understand gun ownership is an incredible tradition in areas like the Southern Tier, and a majority of gun owners practice responsible gun ownership. But, we need to do a better job to keep guns out of the hands of the wrong people.

There is a lot of concern about creating a National Firearms Database, but I’m exploring areas to implement a universal background system without the need for such a database to exist.






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